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Our mission is to transform your ideas into reality
The Fablab Catania is a place in which makers have the opportunity to experiment directly with their ideas. We want to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth of their business., offering services, products and customized advice. We are a mix between a workshop and digital lab, and the full title is described as "industry 4.0".

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We want inspire women to fall in love with tech & business 

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Women on Work is the project of the Fablab Catania in support of digital skills, technology and business to the female.


Participates in the next edition of Women on Work 2019
8, 15, 22 and 29 May 2019 from 18:30 to 20:30 

The location of this year's edition is focused on the world of social media and digital marketing. The topic focus will be the corporate storytelling.

Women on Work is the project of the Fablab Catania in support of digital skills, technology and business to the female. The terms of participation for the scholarships have expired. Discounted admission tickets are available for purchase within the 28/02/19.

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Because some of the stories fail to engage the public?

Know what has not worked, and how to improve, it is essential to create good stories.


One of the most common errors is to give the character a desire, a goal, life, without, however, add your micro desires and goals.

Something unconscious or at least less obvious that, however, is in the lines of all your audience.
Let's take an example: our protagonist is a detective who wants to catch a famous fugitive. Its objective is crystal clear.

A benefactor who believes in justice. What is exciting, or shocking in this story?
Very little if we don't add some micro-goals.

For example, with this capture the protagonist wants to rehabilitate his name and aspire to a promotion. Because his name has been discredited?
That story has lived to fall into disgrace? You will catch the perpetrator and recover so the esteem of her colleagues, and the community? What will be its prize?
For a promotion? The love of a woman?

The structure of the story thus opens to developments that affect your audience. Who has never had a problem with gossip or slander? Or because he actually made a mistake, and must now be reinstated in the eyes of others? Or simply knows someone that has happened to you a similar thing.

In this way, we create empathy with the audience and we touch the strings more personal.

While Women on the Work we will also look at the stories of failures to learn how to create a storytelling success.


Be authentic. The truth should be the cornerstone of your content. Customers are smart and they sniff a trademark that is not genuine and authentic. For this, their choice will fall on those brands that are.


Be compelling. Many entrepreneurs are so enthusiastic about their company is that they assume that their audience understands and is just as interested as them. Focus on your specifications or a description of "the business" of what your company does is not of interest to most of your audience. Moreover, you will be boring and monotonous.

You offer quality content. The quality of the narrative is more important than quantity, and you can focus on the storytelling that speaks to an audience that is precise. It will attract less people on your site, but the public who visit the site, spend more time getting to know your brand and be more inclined to become a customer.

Use the right tone. Every brand has a story and a focus that is unique. Some of the stories are funny or smart; others are serious and moving. Some brands sell a lifestyle; other solve a problem. Whatever your story, is unique. If you share it, your customers will never have the opportunity to develop a relationship with you or your brand. And that story is what you need to get people thinking and talking about.


Be addictive. An engaging narrative and challenging about what you do, why you do and how you do it will help you to attract, fascinate and motivate people closer to your brand.


You like our project?

Would you like to be one of our sponsors?


Your ccontribute to th, little or much that is benaccetto.

We will need for the purchase of materials and for expenses of management of the projects, we may also establish a scholarship in your name or that of your company.

Helps to overcome the gender gap, please make a donation to the Project W. or.W 2019. Here are three advantages for you:

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Watch the interviews of the participants on the channel You Tube

Women on Work seeks Angels



We need you to get the project on women's skills to all women.

What happens to the Angel? Well meanwhile they have the assured paradise then they will be able to choose the "thank you of Women on Work" that they like:

 Training you will receive grants on social marketing (10 registered records)

 Gift you will receive our Christmas gadget

(3 recorded records)

 Promo you will receive a 30% discount on your next purchases at Fablab (courses and workshops but also products and services)

(15 registered records)

 Notoriety you will be nominated \ or on the site with a possible link to your site or Facebook page

(5 records recorded)

To become an Angel is enough that you talk about the project Women on Work to your friends. If you enjoyed attending the WoW courses, if you know our serenity and dedication, it will be easy for you. Remember you do not have to convince anyone, you do not have to sell anything (courses are awarded with scholarships).

For friends who show an interest in participating you just have to ask them to do your name during registration.

Tell them that you want to be recognized as Angel of Women on Work. They too can become it!

You can also send us the reports via email to social@fablabcatania.eu remember to include also the friends interested in participating in WoW19 courses (do not spam but only really interested friends).

8, 15, 22 and 29 May 2019 from 18:30 to 20:30 
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