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Do you have a question that is not included in this list? Send a message from our social channel you will always find someone ready to give you a hand.


What is the Fablab Catania?
The Fablab Catania is a digital fabrication lab and a makerspace. Come visit us any Wednesday to find out what it is and how it works.

Want more information? Here you will find the application form contact

When can I come to the Fablab?
Our lab gives free access to its subscribers from Tuesday to Friday, except for special events, trade fairs outside the city, or specialty courses, the machines can be booked in this page.
For NON-members, the Fablab is open to the public during the OpenDay held the first regularly usually on the first Wednesday of the month, or by requesting a tour.

I want to realize my project, how can I do it with the tools in the Fablab?
To be able to use the machines of the laboratory is fundamental to be members and have attended our training workshops (free to all members) so as to have acquired a bit of experience to use the machines safely. Once they have acquired the experience to book the machine that you want to use this page

I want to realize a project in collaboration with the Fablab, how do I do that?
As a laboratory for the geeks hardcore we are happy every time a project is presented to us, and we are happy to hear even your own! You can look at the page advice and to find the one that suits your needs, or fill out the form on the page and receive assistance.

How do the activities and events?
The Fablab organizes a lot of events that are always shared on social or through our monthly newsletter. Our events are divided into:
Workshop, where we teach you to use the machines of the Fablab.
Courses, the more meetings that you form in a specific, on the use of the machinery, after attending this workshop you will be able to use independently the instruments of the laboratory.
Courses in Design are the events held within the Fablab super focused on specific skills such as welding electrode, parametric modeling, etc... all with a single goal: to create a project together!
NB To participate in the activities of the Fablab Catania is crucial to be associated with.
For more info see the website or write to us at social@fablabcatania.eu

How can I stay up to date on all the events and activities?
Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our monthly newsletter from the home page


Can I use my computer/laptop/tablet instead of using those of the fab lab?


Yes, provided they are used only in the design and are not linked to the machines. In addition, all members can take advantage of the free WiFi.


It is a partnership business between a company and the Fablab?

Of course! We are close to all the SMES and artisans who want to enter the world of digital fabrication, or seeking a consultancy dedicated to their products or services. Some of the advice offered you will find HERE



How can I become a member of the FabLab?

in two ways:

1) with one of the available subscriptions, you will be able to attend the premises of via Cifali, in the schedules provided, and take advantage of all the benefits of your membership, such as discounted prices on the courses and on the express services of print3d, laser cutting etc

2) putting at the disposal of the Fablab on your skills you will receive hours of machine use for your projects. Read details HERE



How do I log in to the machines?

If you are looking for a working express, we can offer it, without need that you need to use the machine. Otherwise if you want “dirty hands” can operate autonomously (only for subscribers). Most of the equipment is accessible without the mediation of an operator, but for safety reasons, it is always supervised by a laboratory manager. For some instruments it is necessary to enable through a quick training course.


Intellectual property?

The projects developed with the support of FabLab, can be shared or remain confidential.
Depends on the degree of involvement that is required in our lab.


Are one stundente I have some advantage?


Of course! Watch the special subscription for yourself or see if your school has an active agreement with the Fablab.



What services do you offer?


the FabLab offers services using the tools, methods and processes of service design. The FabLab is run by a small number of people that offer services to the community. Offer access to the machines , the provision of training, advice, repair of objects are some of the services offered.



Do the invoice?

Of course.


What kind of Fablab are you?

The Fablab Catania was born thanks to the company Alfab Srl, which hosts it. We have received the patronage of the Municipality of Catania for training events with a strong social impact in 2016. In 2014, we won a tender financed by the European Community, and provided by Invitalia, for the creation of innovative business background, social and technological.


If you are a subscriber can I use the machines for free?


Would you like to huh? Also we'd like to offer you free of charge, but it is not so. The use of machines and materials has a cost: think for example of the filament to a 3D printer, to the ends of the machine subject to wear or to materials that are consumed, insurance, and maintenance.

However, as a subscriber, you have discounts on the hourly cost of each machine. Check if they are active promotions on subscriptions.

A B O U T   U S

Our mission is to transform your ideas into reality
The Fablab Catania is a place in which makers have the opportunity to experiment directly with their ideas. We want to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the growth of their business., offering services, products and customized advice. We are a mix between a workshop and digital lab, and the full title is described as "industry 4.0".

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